The Candidates, who have put in commensurate attendance in a Semester, shall be promoted to the next semester irrespective of whether they have appeared or not to the semester-end examinations, provided they have registered in all papers for the semester-end examination by payment of university exam fees and also obtained hall tickets for the said examinations. Hence, putting in of commensurate attendance and payment of Examination fee for each semester are mandatory for securing promotion to the immediate succeeding semester. Each student is required to co-operate with the college office in filling up his/her online examination form on the web portal of the Krishna University by sending his/her scanned pass port size photo and signature in not more than 50 KB size each to the college Email as and when a notice to the same effect is put out on the notice board. It is the sole responsibility of the student to pay examination fees on time and further s/he should make himself/herself available for enabling the college office staff in uploading his/her data on the web portal of the Krishna University. LL.B., AND B.A.LL.B., DEGREE EXAMINETIONS REGULATIONS.

1 -

Candidates for the award of the B.G.L., and LL.B., degree shall be required to have received instructions in the prescribed subjects of study for a period of two years (four semesters) for B.G.L. and three years (six semesters) for LL.B., as the case may be, and passed all the prescribed subjects.

2 -

There shall be a University examination in each subject covered under the syllabi at the end of each semester.

3 -

A candidate who passes the first & Second LL.B., Degree examinations shall be eligible for the award of the degree of Bachelor of General Law or Legum Baccalaureus. .

4 -

A holder of the B.G.L. degree shall be eligible to study final LL.B., and on passing the final LL.B., Examination she/he is eligible for the award of LL.B., degree.

5 -

Candidates who have passed in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd years of B.A.,LL.B., of 5-year course shall be conferred with the Degree of B.A. (Law). On the successful completion of LL.B., 5 years course, a candidate shall be conferred with B.A.,LL.B., degree.

6 -

A candidate shall be declared to have passed the examination of each year, if she/he obtains not less than 40 marks in each paper.

7 -

The candidates, who have passed all the examinations of the three years LL.B., course and five years B.A.,LL.B., course of semester pattern, be awarded classes / divisions in accordance with the total aggregate marks secured by them in all semester examinations taken together and the following percentage be taken for declaration of class.


First class with distinction - 70% and above


First class - 60% and above but less than 70%


Second class - 50% and above but less than 60%


Third class - 40% and above but less than 50%